Readers' Advisory for Children

Readers’ Advisory for Children

Lexile Measure

Looking for information on finding books at the right reading level? Lexile measures can help; they are measures of the text difficulty and reader ability. Students typically receive a Lexile reader measure from their school or teacher. To choose books at the right reading level using Lexiles, look for materials between 100L below and 50L above a child’s Lexile measure.

Don’t know the Lexile reader measure for you or your reader? The Lexile text measure of a recently read book is a good place to start.

Typical Lexile Reader Measures by Grade

Grade        Reader Measures, Mid-Year 25th percentile to 75th percentile (IQR)*
1BR120L to 295L**
2170L to 545L
3415L to 760L
4635L to 950L
5770L to 1080L
6855L to 1165L
7925L to 1235L
8985L to 1295L
91040L to 1350L
101085L to 1400L
11 & 121130L to 1440L

For more information about the Lexile Reader Measures, visit

Locating Lexile Levels

Some of the books in the library’s catalogue have Lexile measures to indicate reading levels:

  • The ‘MARC view, including the Lexile information for the children’s book,  Count down to fall:

Countdown to Fall Book Front Cover

  • The 521 MARC Tag contains information on the Lexile measure:

Target Audience Tag

Searching the Catalogue for Children’s Fiction

Note: The following search should give you results in almost any library catalogue. You should be able to use either a ‘keyword’ or ‘subject’ search in order to locate children’s books.

In order to assist you to locate children’s fiction in the catalogue, the term ‘Juvenile fiction’ can be used to locate material:

  • The children’s book Hat Trick has several Subject headings with ‘Juvenile fiction’:

  • Combine the Keywords ‘Juvenile fiction’ with another topical keyword(s) to locate children’s fiction material:

Children's Fiction Catalogue Search



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Juvenile Series and Sequels –  The Juvenile Series and Sequels database contains over 36,000 books in 4,900 series titles that are classified into three audiences:

  • Juvenile Easy [JE] – for birth through 2nd grade readers
  • Juvenile [J] – for 2nd through 6th grade readers
  • Young Adult [YA] – for 6th through 12th grade readers

The site also features movies, music and audiobooks.

Lexile – Framework for Reading – Search for a book by Lexile score/range and subject matter.

The Hub – The Hub is a teen collections blog for Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA). Find Great Teen Books by YALSA – Browse by Author, genre, award, or booklist.


Finding Children’s Books on NoveList – NoveList K-8 is an EBSCO product that contains lists of recommended reading for children 0-8, 9-12, and teens. Patrons can search by genre, title, author, series, and “If you liked…” Another useful feature is the title, author, and series read-alikes. Books link to Goodreads reviews.

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