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Embracing Race in Children’s Programming Webinar

The year 2020 marked a real change in terms of how the world views racial inequality. Reviewing existing policies and practices for inequity and bias are key undertakings many organizations have started. Libraries must also address these very real issues and consider how they can make their programs and services truly reflective of the communities they serve.

In this PCI webinar, expert information is provided to storytellers and educators so they can learn more about and celebrate racial differences. This webinar is insightful and the learning objectives are clearly stated and met. Staff will benefit from the many practical suggestions of how to develop meaningful programs.

The learning objectives of the webinar are:

  • Choose appropriate materials for subject matter, cross-group books, own voices (BIPOC), and how to begin the process of identifying our own personal biases.
  • Create opportunities for safe conversations about race and racial injustices in age-appropriate ways and present talking points to children and their caregivers
  • Example of past programs and community partnerships
  • Examine our own biases with honesty, compassion and mindfulness
  • Briefly touch upon the concepts of white privilege and anti-racism
  • Use ALA guidelines to support a bigger understanding of race
  • Explore resources such as the database Diverse Book Finder,, and online communities

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