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Keeping this site up-to-date is a timely undertaking. With the assistance of Twitter. RSS feeds and blogs, I can sort through the volumes of information on the topic of development for library staff. There are several areas in the library training section that remain to be written and one such area, library marketing, is best served by highlighting material developed by professionals in the field.

Angela Hursch’s Super Library Marketing site is unique as she combines real-world marketing trends with practical examples of how they can used to market libraries. The Library Marketing Show is 5-minute video posted every week on Angela’s YouTube Channel. The videos feature the latest news in libraries, marketing, and other relevant topics and recognizes the work of amazing libraries in a section called “Kudos”.

One current area of discussion in the marketing field is how to evaluate your social media presence. The following video, What Metrics Show Your Library’s Social Media is Working, will provide you with a useful starting point to answer that question.

As more libraries hire marketing staff, visit this blog regularly as there are regular weekly updates and don’t forget to subscribe to Angela’s newsletter.

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