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Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Our mission is to help people find and share books they love. You can open a free account and you will get updates on new book releases, book reviews and author updates. It is a great tool for staff who provide readers’ advisory services and collection development staff.

Goodreads provides updates so check the links below for daily updates:

  • Mary Roach's Highly Unusual True Crime Recommendations

      Mary Roach is a science author who specializes in the bizarre and offbeat. With a body of work ranging from deep-dives on the history of human cadavers to the science of the human anatomy during warfare, Roach now turns her signature wit and […]

  • Goodreads Members' Most Read Books (By Genre)

    Is there anything more satisfying than getting all the way through a book, turning that last page, and getting to gush with people about everything you've read? We think not.This season, Goodreads readers have been absolutely devouring books […]

  • Meet the Authors of This Season's Swooniest Romances

    When you're back on the market and ready to fall in love with a new romance, who are the best matchmakers you can find? Romance authors, of course!We talked to the authors of seven of this year's most anticipated romances about their new books, […]

  • A Reading List of New Books to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

      Every year in the U.S., we observe National Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15 through October 15. And this is the perfect time to add some fantastic new books from Latino/a/x authors to your to-be-read pile! We asked the […]

  • 30 Hot Historical Romances to Light Your Fire in 2021

    If you've already burned all the way through the Bridgertons series (both the books and the Netflix show) and find yourself still longing for fraught ballroom dances and steamy marriages of convenience, you're in luck with 2021's crop of […]

  • Read Across the 20th Century with These New Novels

    Looking to read about the Roaring Twenties, the Spanish flu pandemic, World War II, or the grunge era? These new historical fiction books will take you on a tour of the past century, with plenty of page-turning drama! To help you find a setting […]

  • The Best-Loved Audiobooks Featuring Full Casts

    Audiobooks are an incredible way to experience stories—a great narrator can use their voice bring the narrative to life in a way that the reader would never experience otherwise. But a full cast of voice actors, each bringing their own vibrant, […]

  • Literary Fiction's New Modern Women

    Love, murder, obsession, grief, and a mid-life crisis or two. This year's buzziest contemporary literary fiction features women on killing sprees, navigating private pain and social media, and, you know, turning from a stay-at-home mom into […]

  • 13 Contemporary Riffs and Retellings of Classic Tales

      When it comes to retellings of literary classics, there are the books that follow the original tales closely (think 2018's smash hit Circe) and then there are the novels that take off in a wildly different direction, like pulling the story […]

  • Goodreads Members' 20 Most Popular Book Club Picks

     It's been a great summer for book clubs on Goodreads. There's nothing better than talking about books—members have been devouring everything from romance to thrillers and even gothic horror, and having incredible conversations along the way.This […]


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