Training Organizations

Canadian Training Organizations

Professional associations and provincial government organizations in Canada provide education and training opportunities for front-line staff, library directors, and members of library boards. This page provides event information for organizations that are currently providing training. Please use our Contact Us form to let us know about other organizations so we can update our page.

Provincial Library Services

The Alberta Library

In the 1990s libraries across Alberta faced a number of challenges and opportunities, including the information explosion, the development of new technologies, the emergence of the Internet and a changing government philosophy.

A grassroots response to these challenges led to the creation of The Alberta Library (TAL) in 1997. Internationally recognized for cooperation and collaboration, TAL is a province-wide consortium that now serves 50 member libraries in over 300 locations across the province, including:

  • public libraries
  • regional library systems
  • university libraries
  • college, and technical institute libraries
  • special libraries

Member libraries work together to take advantage of changing technologies, find creative solutions and seize new opportunities. As a result, Albertans at even the smallest library have access to more than 30 million resources.

British Columbia Public Libraries Branch

Through the administration of the Library Act, the Public Libraries Branch strengthens the public library system by providing strategic leadership, professional advice, funding, and coordinating province-wide programs and shared services. You can find out more about development opportunities by visiting Professional Learning and Development.

Education Institute

The Education Institute is a professional development & continuing education program for the library community developed by The Partnership of Provincial and Territorial Library Associations of Canada. The program offers a wide variety of webinars and 3 to 6-week online courses for librarians and information professionals across sectors. The Partnership offers Education Institute Webinars at a reasonable cost for members and non-members including several free courses. The webinars cover a wide range of topics from marketing to makerspaces.

Governance HUB

The Governance is an online portal for Ontario’s public library board members. The GovernanceHUB is your first place to look for information and resources related to your duties as a public library board member.

The GovernanceHUB is managed by Southern Ontario Library Service and Ontario Library Service—North, with input from the Ontario Library Boards’ Association and the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries.

The Library Toolshed

The Library Toolshed is an online, open-source content-sharing platform for information professionals. Hosted by the BC Library Cooperative, the Toolshed is a place to share, access, and comment on training, instructional, and programming resources created by library staff.

The platform began as a collaborative initiative supported by The Alberta Library, Saskatchewan’s Multitype Library Board, the Manitoba Public Library Services Branch, and The Association of BC Public Library Directors (ABCPLD). Recently, BCLA was invited to take on a supporting role of the Toolshed in place of ABCPLD.

Ontario Public Libraries

The Ontario Library Service ministry includes a library support agency:  The agency, Ontario Library Service provides a wide range of support programs and services to public libraries throughout northern and southern Ontario, excluding Toronto, on behalf of this ministry. Their mandate is to:

  • Increase cooperation and coordination among public library boards and other information providers
  • Promote the provision of library services to the public by assisting public library boards with services and programs that reflect their needs, including consulting, training and development services.

Ontario Library Service Training Events

Ontario Library Service offers a variety of professional development and training opportunities, including webinars, on-demand courses and certificate programs.

Explore some of the opportunities by clicking here. For the full listing, including on-demand courses and recording of webinars, login to your account.

The Advancing Public Library Leadership (APLL) Institute is a two-year certificate program designed to expand and advance the leadership capacity of public library CEOs and managers. The program is aimed at public library staff with leadership aspirations, with and without a professional degree, who meet at least one of the enrollment criteria.

LearnHQ Learning Portal

LearnHQ is your portal to public library learning! Login to LearnHQ to search for training, register for events or find resources.

Excel Certificate Program

EXCEL is a practical, flexible, online certificate program that provides an opportunity to acquire and develop core skills in all areas of public service. Learners can complete individual courses based on interest or can choose to pursue the EXCEL certificate.

Find free resources on a diverse range of library topics. The Professional Resources topics from bring together guides, articles, photos, and more for Ontario public library staff. The Professional Resources are maintained by the Southern Ontario Library Service.

Provincial Library Associations

Alberta Association of Library Technicians

  • The site provides information on upcoming conferences

Association of Professional Librarians of New Brunswick

British Columbia Library Association

  • The site provides information on upcoming conferences

Library Association of Alberta

Manitoba Library Association

Newfoundland and Labrador Library Association

Ontario Association of Library Technicians

  • The site provides information on upcoming conferences

Ontario Library Association

Quebec Library Association

Saskatchewan Library Association