Library Learning and Training


In my past role, I created a training website for front-line staff. Library staff needed to have access to documents, resources, quick tips and videos so they could review the material as time permitted.

I was always impressed with how seriously staff took their training needs and they didn’t hesitate to register for online courses on their own time. The key to high job performance is orientation and training and when that becomes integral to an organization’s culture, staff accept responsibility for their own self-development.

There are countless resources, courses, and documents that have a strong focus on training for library staff. However, it was not always easy to locate the material and this made it challenging to develop training or curriculum for staff to review. Also, no one site links to the sources of material created by talented and resourceful library staff and librarians.

This site aims to bring together these resources and make it easy to locate these useful tools. The site will feature ‘resources’, ‘handouts’, useful links to educational courses, webinars and training guides. As with any continuing education, this site will be a work in progress since training is an on-going commitment with no expiry date. The organizations featured provide excellent resources and we encourage you to check their links to fully explore the training offered by each group.

For staff who have a training component in their list of responsibilities, you should engage staff in meaningful dialogue about their training needs as they will be the best guide you have to ensure they are providing your customers with excellent customer service.

Regardless of job title or role, if you have any suggestions, feedback or comments, please reach out and let me know what you think. This site will improve with your participation.



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